What is Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative Divorce is an alternative dispute resolution process that offers spouses an opportunity to resolve the legal, financial and emotional issues of divorce in an efficient, expeditious and amicable manner.

The spouses are active participants, directly involved in all aspects of the process. They and their attorneys, with the help of a mental health professional, a financial specialist, and a child specialist if needed, work together in a respectful environment outside the adversarial confines of traditional divorce litigation. No court appearances are involved but each party has the support, guidance and advocacy of an attorney throughout the process.

Litigation is an adversarial battle; Collaborative Divorce is a problem solving exercise with resolutions that rest upon sound consideration of how best to restructure the family and not upon gamesmanship, intimidation or a financial “war of attrition.” Negotiations are built upon the real interests of the parties and not positions advanced for purely strategic reasons.

The Collaborative Divorce Process Works to:

  • Save money, time and energy
  • Reduce stress
  • Maximize healthy conflict resolution
  • Minimize acrimony
  • Re-structure the family based upon the best interests of the children
  • Generate fair compromise
  • Produce final agreements that have far fewer enforcement issues
  • Resolve issues relating to
    • Division of Property
    • Counsel Fees
    • Co-Parenting Plan
    • Children's Living Arrangements
    • Child & Spousal Support


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