How To Get Started

1) The first step is to share information on Collaborative Divorce with your spouse. This can be accomplished by sharing this website or by contacting a member of the Collaborative Divorce Group and requesting an information packet. We would be happy to guide you through this process.

2) Each of you selects an attorney from the list of Collaborative lawyers. Call the lawyer to arrange an informational meeting to make sure that the Collaborative Divorce process is appropriate for your situation and to begin building the collaborative divorce team. Subsequent to that meeting, you choose either a neutral divorce coach or individual divorce coaches.

3) Both spouses and your attorneys attend the first Collaborative meeting to sign a Participation Agreement that establishes the guidelines for the negotiations and governs the Collaborative process. If there are any immediate issues that need to be addressed, these may be included on the agenda for the first Collaborative meeting.

4) Each of you meets individually with your respective attorneys and respective divorce coaches, or with the neutral divorce coach to identify issues relevant to your situation and plan how to proceed.

5) Both spouses and your attorneys attend subsequent Collaborative negotiations until you reach a Separation/Divorce Agreement. Meetings with divorce coach(es) to help facilitate communications during the process are held as necessary. A neutral financial professional will meet with you and will attend some meetings as needed.