Is Collaborative Right For You?

The short answer is “YES!!” …
If you are more interested in:

  • Protecting your children and giving them the best chance for success
          than you are in getting even with your spouse;
  • Reaching a fair and reasonable settlement
          than extracting a “pound of flesh;”
  • Keeping emotional, psychological, and financial costs down
          than fighting over anything and everything to obtain “vindication;”
  • Reaching your own agreement and making your own choices and decisions
          than having terms imposed upon you by a judge;
  • Achieving your most important goals
          than winning everything;
  • Making a full commitment to resolving the issues by working towards real interests
          than arguing from stated positions.

Collaborative Divorce will be right for you if you and your spouse are both capable of seeing things from your spouse’s perspective, making reasonable compromises, and insuring that your children maintain a strong, healthy relationship with both parents.

While Collaborative Divorce is not for everyone, most couples can successfully utilize the process if they make a commitment to the values upon which it is based.